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Lugano Caffé
        Made In Italy

    About K & K Trading

The company always strives for development, which made it combine originality and gain experience, as well as development and use of the latest methods and technology.

The company is committed to providing a high level of services and products, and in accordance with quality standards, the company is keen to satisfy its customers.

The company firmly believes that the company’s development process is linked to its human resources.

The company encourages its employees to obtain the highest positions and leaders, according to their qualifications and the rational management policy.


Work with passion and pride to get the satisfaction of our customers and serve them in a better way and offer them the luxury product. and to be up to date everything new and before the rest.


To reach all the Egyptians hearts and homes


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424 Salmaniya Tower, fourth floor, apartment 9,
The central axis in front of 6th of October University,
6th of October, Giza.

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