Lugano Decaffeinated E.S.E. Pods

2,625 EGP

The amount of caffeine in Lugano Decaffeinated coffee doesn’t exceed 0.10%. Although most of the caffeine is extracted from the beans, you can still enjoy that rich coffee taste, thanks to our unique decaffeination methods.

Each E.S.E. Pod contains the perfect amount of coffee and is made of 100% biodegradable materials.

Contains 150 pieces.


Aroma / Note: Fruity – Floral – Cocoa.
Flavor: Chocolate – Sweet – Fruit.
Roasting: Medium Plus.
Intensity: 9.
Acidity: 5.
Net Weight: (150 * 7g) 1050 gr.
Pod Diameter: 44mm.
Packaging: 150 pcs. Box.